Some results of the project

                        Adaptive  parabolic problem
Download:      (Mesh)
Download:      (Solution)
                      Automatic generation of 3-D meshes adapted to irregular orographies
Orography of the south of the island of La Palma
3-D discretización of La Palma


2-D discretización of the island of Gran Canaria

3-D discretización of Gran Canaria
                        Simulation of wind fields and solar radiation

Wind field velocities in La Palma

Streamlines of wind field in Gran Canaria

Map of solar radiation in Gran Canaria
                        Meccano Method: Generation of meshes and volume parameterizations
3-D domain of Gran Canaria
3-D discretization of Gran Canaria
Tetrahedral mesh around a chimney
Tetrahedral mesh around a building
 Isogeometric model with T-splines and the T-mesh of the mecano
Tetrahedral mesh of a bone

3-D discretization of the Earth ( 1 )
3-D discretization of the Earth ( 2 )

Tangled mesh of the Earth
Untangled and smoothed mesh of the Earth


Tetrahedral mesh of screwdriver

Tetrahedral mesh of the meccano (volume parameterization of screwdriver)


Tetrahedral mesh of the horse

Tetrahedral mesh of the meccano (volume parameterization of horse)

                       Smoothing and alignment of surface triangulations


Surface triangulation  ( before )

Surface triangulation ( after )

                       Adaptative refinement of tetrahedral meshes


Initial mesh and solution of the Stanford bunny
Mesh and solution after five stages of refinement

Mesh and solution after ten stages of refinement

                       Wind velocity around an obstacle

Wind field at low height of the obstacle
Wind field at half height of the obstacle

Wind field over the obstacle
Wind field around a chimney

                       Simulation of atmospheric pollution around a chimney

Pollutant plume trajectory

Pollutant immission in La Palma

Tetrahedral mesh around a Jinamar stack in Gran Canaria
Air pollution simulation

                       Different matrix ordering

Nonzero terms of a matrix

                       Convergence of the iterative methods

Convergence curves

                       Wind directions

Wind directions

                        3-D discretization of a "volcano"

Tetrahedral mesh of a "volcano"
Detail of the mesh